Five Common Mistakes made by web Designers and how to avoid them.


There is more to web design than you think, just having the experience of frontend development doesn’t make you the best designer or drives traffics to your sites.
The design of your site speak a tone to the visitors coming to your site for the first time, and the better the design of your site the more traffics you get and also the lesser your bounce rate – the rate at which visitors leave your site.
Below I have compiled the most common mistakes made by so called frontend developers, most especially the newbies, the list is also applicable to the advance developers who claim to know everything.

  1. Failure To Plan
    To avoid failure, the goals of the website must be taken into consideration.
    Before embarking on any web projects a web designer must set the goals the site is to achieve, how it is going to achieve it and the interface of the website, cause when you fail to make plans for the site, you get carried whereby doing the wrong at the wrong time and this is not good for your visitors.
    Set up goals for your website and how it is going to be achieved
    Make a rough sketch of the look and feel of the website before you pop your pc open.
    Know your targeted audience and study how to reach them, either by SEO or SEM.
  2. Bad Navigation
    Many a developer tends to neglect the importance of good navigation on their sites they place it almost anywhere on their websites.
    With new technologies coming into limelight developers use these technologies wrongly and this cost them a lot. Once visitors come to your website and they find it very hard to work around your website, they will leave immediately even if you have information that nobody has or your product is the cheapest on the web.
    Provide a good navigation on every page of your website to make your website easily accessible for your visitors.
    Provide a fall back for any new technologies used on your site, for example if your site is a full flash website, make sure you provide a support for those with bad or old browsers that do not support flash. checck out five bad.  see 5 examples of bad navigation you should avoid
  3. Heavy site Load
    If your website takes more than four seconds to load I tell you, you need to work on the site cause the longer the page load the more your visitor are discourage from coming to your site, instead they seek alternative. You can test how fast your website is on pingdom , google page speed insight or yslow.
    Make sure you optimize all the images on your website.
    Serve your static content through CDN.
    Minify your CSS, HTML and JAVASCRIPT.
    Make all scripts on your sites external that is your Css and Javascript.
  4. Bad Search Box and Content structure
    The search bar gives the visitor opportunity to locate files far hidden in the webpage; meanwhile if you decide not to implement a good search bar on your website or it is not easily located then you are creating a huge problem for your visitor.
    More so the structure of your website plays a huge impact on the success of your website once your user finds it very easy to absorb all the information they want on your website, they will surely add your website to their bookmarks make it a home and never go back to google to search for what they know you offer.
    Provide a good search box that appears on every page of your website. You can make use of the google search box on your site
    Take your time to structure your website to make it appealing to your visitors. Check out the web for inspiration if you don’t know where to start from.
  5. Pop up ads
    Monetizing your website is very important but you must not overdo it so as not to get your visitors annoyed.
    Pop ups ad create a lot of disturbance for your visitors while accessing your site, it becomes a very big problem if the user has javascript turned off or the user is viewing your site on mobile a platform that do not support javascript at all, no amount of information on available your site that will drive them back. There are better ways to monetize your website instead of sticking with pop up ads, they may pay well but they are not the best option.
    Go for cheaper and better ads that will appealing to your visitor
    Google Adsense is one of the best alternatives for pop ads, they pay well and they provide good user interface.

Designing a beautiful and popular website is not a rocket science if all necessary rules are followed, I bet if you successfully avoid the mistakes above, you will in no time make the google first page and sell your product faster than you can imagine.

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