5 Examples of BAD NAVIGATION you should avoid

I was very surprised to still discover some websites that feature bad navigation in this 21st century where creating a website is something a complete dummy with no html or css skills can embark on.
Navigation plays a huge role in the user interface of a website, it helps a user to easily work around a site and also make the search engine easily crawl all the web pages on the site.
The rate at which visitors come back to your site is also determined by the navigation on your website, once visitors land on your site and they are able to understand your site by just visiting your homepage I bet you they will surely come back.
Bad navigation kills your credibility as a web designer once you are not able to meet your client goals by getting them the number of traffics they want; they will simply dump you for a better web designer. A lot of easy to use libraries as been created for you to create a beautiful and creative navigation such as j query, parallax and so on. You just have to take your time to learn these libraries to make a better navigation that drives crazy traffics to your website at the same time helping to you to achieve your clients’ goals.
Below I have listed five bad navigations you should always avoid;
1. The painter

bad design3
This is one of the worst ever website I have seen on the internet, no visitor will ever think of coming back to this site or do business with the owner. Though the website was built with flash yet it bad design cannot be over-emphasized, it does not feature navigation at all. Don’t ever try this cause your visitors will only laugh at you and leave with annoyance.

2. The restaurant


Though the website had been designed back in the ages but that is not an excuse for the designer. The site feature almost thousands of navigations, this can easily get the visitor confused and also search for other alternatives. Make sure you keep you navigation simple and easily accessible for your visitor.
3. Argren


To able to view this website on my large desktop screen I have to scroll like I was viewing the site on a mobile, never adopt this style of design. After using more than five minutes I don’t seems to figure what the site is all about, due to its bad navigation style.
4. Links Carbad design1
Links car is offering one of the best services on the internet but the overall bad design of the website has made it drop the pecking order behind several companies who offer the same services. Once a user finds it hard to navigate through the site they think of the next thing to do.
5. yale artYale-University-1024x493
The last but not the least on the list is the Yale art website, considering the reputation of the institution having this kind of design is below par, it is very difficult to differentiate the navigation from the content.

A good navigation is very crucial, it simply tells your visitor how trustworthy you are since they can easily move around your site with few clicks; they will believe you have nothing to hide.
I challenge you to read five creative navigation designs to get you started on the kind of navigation you can use in your next project
If you have also seen any website that features bad navigation design you can simply add it in the comment section.

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